Devangas are of Brahmanical origin. They are Prakrut Brahmins (meaning Brahmins by birth). The majority of them are weavers of silk and cotton clothes.

There were also famous Devang kings like Boja Raja of Ujjain (Uttar Pradesh, India). Many were also warriors during Vijayanagar times, according to warrior stones found in Hampi, Karnataka. Their native state was the kingdom of Ujjain where even to this day they form the major community. Their chief deity is Chowdeshwari(Chamundeshwari).They are Typical Kshatriyas of South and can be compared with the Rajput and Thakur of North.

As is typical with other castes, Devangas became an endogamous unit of weavers, either due to caste rules or due to typical social conditions of India.

In Kerala, Kannada Devangas are concentrated in a few villages, prominently in KUTHAMPULLY (Thrissur dist), also in villages, Karimpuzha, Kallanchira, Vallangi-Nemmara, all in Palghat dist, in pockets of Chittur (Palghat dist) & Kasaragode towns. In Karnataka, they are predominantly present in Kollegal, Dodda Ballapur, Bangalore,Mangalore and Mysore. As per information passed from their ancestors, it was said that they had migrated from Mysore zone, when these areas were under the rule of King Chikku Chamaraja Wadiar of Mysore (around 1660 CE).

The migration is said to be due to incompatible sultanate culture and the bitter experiences the community faced in the Vijayanagara empire (1560 AD). These migrations took place in batches after batches, which has branched itself; some on the northern side of the Kaveri River, some on the southern side of the Kaveri and some towards the western coasts, including the present regions of south-western Karnataka and northern Kerala, looking for culturally safe and protective settlement. The high influence of local social structures, local languages, and lack of Kannada literacy has brought in many variations, including the accent among many groups. Their kula devatha (family deity) is Goddess Chamundeshwari, which is also the family deity of the Mysore dynasty.


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